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Inflatable Games

Inflatable Game Rentals on Long Island   Call…..(631) 778 – 6861

We’ve searched far and wide to bring our customers the latest and greatest in inflatable games. All of our games are designed to be used both Indoors and Outdoors, and played by all ages. View the list of games we offer below……!



 Triple Play Sports Game…..NEW for 2017….!

Here is our all new Triple Play Sports Game. This giant inflatable is three games in one…! Guests can play Basketball, Football, and Soccer in this awesome multi-game unit. A great add on camps and schools, or for the kids who love to play sports! Dimensions: 15’L x 28’W x 18″H

Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.




3 in 1 CARNIVAL GAME BOOTH….NEW for 2017….!

Check out this Brand NEW Inflatable 3 in 1 Carnival Game Booth. This awesome inflatable offers 3 different carnival games in 1 beautifully designed piece. Have your guests play games like touchdown Toss, Star Dart Toss, Gone Bananas, and many more. The vibrant colors, and detailed artwork make this  game great for school or camp carnivals, fundraisers, or any other type of carnival event. Dimensions: 5’L x 20’W x 9’6″H



Triple Treat


Do your kids love Sports…..? Well then this is the one for you. This XL Sports arena has it all, dual Basketball hoops, Soccer goals, and even a net to play volleyball. Designed to hold up to 8 players at a time and provide hours of fun, the kids will never get bored with all the games they can play. Great for schools, camps, and sports events…..!




Inflatable Soccer Dartboard….NEW for 2017….!

Check out our all NEW Inflatable Soccer Dartboard Game. In this game players have to kick felt soccer balls at a large velcro dartboard to score points. The player with the most points scored Wins..! Great for any event, or that soccer fan in your family.







Check out our all NEW Inflatable Gaga Pit…..Now you can have this classic camp game right in your own Backyard….! Suitable for up to 10 players, this inflatable give your kids hours of playtime fun. Dimensions: 16’L x 16’W x 3’6″H




Big Bounce Knock-Out Basketball Game

Its finally here….! Our ALL NEW 2 Player Knock-Out Basketball game. In this game two players go head to head as they shoot baskets to knock each other out. Each player starts with 3 Basketballs, every basket you make returns the ball on your opponent’s lane. Get rid of all your balls and clear your lane first and you WIN…! Not as easy as it looks. Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.





Inflatable WHAC-A-PEG…..NEW…!

This one is pretty cool…..Kind of like a head to head Whac-A-Mole. Two / Four players get 60 seconds to hit as many of the pegs off their side as they can, the player or team with the least amount of pegs sticking out on their side WINS…! Play for fun or play to compete, either way this game is sure to please…!




TIC-TAC-TOE Basketball

Thats right, we said ” Tic Tac Toe Basketball “….! Another exclusive here at TheBigBounceTheory.com. In this beautiful NEW game, two players have to shoot baskets until someone gets three in a row. First player to get three baskets in a row Wins! It seems easy, however its not as easy as it looks. If you miss your shot, the other payer has the ability to shoot for the same hoop. You need both skill and accuracy for this game. Great for kids and adults of all ages, Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.




Inflatable PLINKO GAME

This game is just Awesome…..! Just like the classic game at the carnival, our inflatable Plinko game is the perfect add-on to any carnival, fundraising, or school event. This custom game allows players to drop a ball for a chance to WIN BIG. Players have to throw a ball into the top of the unit and watch it pass through the maze of stoppers in order to land in a winning lane. Land in the winning lane and you get a prize…..! Great for all ages.






Inflatable-Connect-Four-Long Island-NY

Inflatable Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect Four

This New Inflatable Game is actually 2 Games in 1…! Its double sided to maximize the number of players at one time. Up to 4 players at a time can either play Tic Tac Toe or Connect Four. This Game sets up easily and takes up little space. Great for your next Carnival or special event…!




 Double-Shot Inflatable Basketball

Looking for a little something extra? This double shot basketball is a great add-on to any bounce house rental. This compact game is designed for two players and can be set-up both indoors and outdoors. Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.




Inflatable-Skee-Ball 2

Inflatable Skee-Ball

One of our favorites….! Check out this classic arcade game gone inflatable. Each player rolls the balls to see who gets the most points. Tabs on the side of the game let players keep track of their score. Great for birthday parties, block parties, and any other carnival event. Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.




Knock-Me-Out-Game Knock It Off

Hope you have good aim…..! Two players compete to knock out all of the floating balls from the air cones. Score tabs on the side of the game help the players keep track of their score. First player to knock out all of the balls wins…! Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.







Wild West Shootout

One of our newest inflatable games….This one is Great for that western or cowboy theme event. ( Similar to our Knock-It-Off ) Players compete to shoot out the balls floating above the air comes. The player to knock the most balls out is the winner. Great game for all ages…! Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.





 Inflatable Football Challange

In this Inflatable Football Game two players use their skills to throw the footballs into the holes to score points. Two different size holes have different point values. The first player to score winning number of points wins….! Great for kids and adults of all ages. Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.




Inflatable-Baseball Inflatable Baseball

Another fun and competitive game for kids of all ages. Players take a swing at the floating baseball that is suspended above the home plate air-cone. Players have to try to hit the ball into one of several different holes in order to score runs. The player with the most runs wins. Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.






 Inflatable Foosball/Air Hockey

That’s Right…..! We said Inflatable Foosball & Air Hockey…! This is an inflatable version of the classic games. This game can accommodate either two, four, or six players at a time. The object of the game is to use the air streams to blow the ball into the goal. First team to score 10 points is the winner! Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.



FloatingBalls_2 Floating Balls

If you like a simple, yet fun challenges, then this is the game for you. This attractive game is sure to have people lined up at your next event. Two rows of 7 cones lead to a basket at the end. The cones are open at their points to allow air to flow as the game is inflated. This creates a channel of air to hold up the Floating Balls. The goal of the game is to transfer the balls from cone to cone between each channel of air on your way to scoring the winning basket. Challenging guests to race to the finish! Call for yours today (631) 778-6861.




Chucklin Chickens

NEW….This game is sure to be a hit at your next Carnival Event. Players have to toss their chickens into the nests in the coop. It looks easy, but its harder than you may think. Call to book yours today….!





Happy FROG Hoppers

NEW….Players have to toss their frog on to one of the inflated lily pads. Get all of your frogs on the pads and your a winner….! Great for school carnivals, camps, and all other events. Check it out….!






Inflatable Bowling

Can’t hit the pins? Don’t worry. These over sized inflatable bowing pins will make you look like a pro. Just don’t try to miss……







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