Q:  How long have you been in business for?


A:  TheBigBounceTheory Inc. has been in business since 2013 and is family owned and operated. In 2018 we moved to a Brand New 6000 sqft warehouse in Bohemia that we now operate out of. (Not a Storage unit like the other guys). Since we started we’ve watched lots of other companies either go out of business or change their name from year to year when they receive a multitude of bad reviews. Not Us…..We are always expanding our Inventory to bring our customers the latest and greatest in amusement and attractions, making us one of the top party and event rental companies in NY.


Q:  Are you insured?


A:  Yes we are fully insured and we can provide proof of insurance as well as workers compensation. We can offer a COI with your school or company name listed if required.


Q:  Is your equipment CLEAN and SAFE?


A:  Here at TheBigBounceTheory Inc. we don’t cut any corners when it comes to safety. Most of our inventory is either NEW or less than 1 Year old, and everything else is beautiful. All of our equipment is maintained, vacuumed, and cleaned and sanitized after each use. All of our equipment looks and smells Brand NEW. ( Unlike the other guys ) In addition, we provide a complete training course for all employees on all equipment, as well as advanced safety training for all rental services and events.


Q:  What happens if it rains or there is bad weather?


A:  This is the most common question we get asked, as many of the events and rentals we do are outdoors. Here at TheBigBounceTheory, safety comes first! We keep this in mind when dealing with bad weather both for the safety of your guests as well as our equipment. We DO NOT set up our inflatables or equipment in high winds, thunderstorms, or rain of any kind (as instructed by the manufacturer and mandated by our insurance policies). Inflatables run on heavy duty electric blowers, that have air intakes to keep them cool while running. When the rain comes in contact with the intake of the blower, it sucks in the water and shorts out the electric motor causing the blower to fail and inflatable to deflate. This is one of the main reasons why we don’t rent inflatables in the rain. If it rains the day of your event and you need to reschedule we will do our best to accommodate you with comparable equipment that we have available for your new date. 


Q:  What is your Cancellation Policy?


A:  We understand that sometimes situations come up and things happen that are out of our control. Our cancellation policy varies between the different kinds of equipment we offer and the circumstances of your cancellation. You may cancel inflatables due to forecasted bad weather only up to the day before and will not be responsible for the balance of the rental; after that time, you will receive a credit in the amount of your deposit toward a future rental scheduled within 30 days after the cancellation. All other cancellations will result in a forfeiture of the deposit. Deposits received on all other equipment are Non-Refundable. Once your equipment is delivered, we do not offer any refunds or credits of any kind if weather becomes bad. ALL DEPOSITS ON TENT AND INFLATABLE RENTALS ONCE BOOKED ARE NON REFUNDABLE. If you cancel a tent within 1 week of scheduled event you will be responsible for 50% cost of the tent.


Q:  What type of surface can we set-up on?


A:  We can set up our equipment on most flat surfaces like grass, blacktop, cement, as well as indoors. We prefer to set up our inflatables and equipment on grass. However, if you’re requesting a setup on a surface other than grass, such as pavement, blacktop, cement, or dirt, then an extra tarp and sandbag fee will apply. Please NOTE…..We DO NOT set up inflatables on sand or on the beach or on any uneven or sloped surface! Also, an additional fee will be charged if equipment must be carried up stairs or steep gradients.


Q:  Should I shut the blower off when I am done using the inflatable?


A:  NO….Never shut off the blower. Leave the blower running the entire time unless instructed otherwise. Our staff will shut off the blower when they arrive to come pick up the unit. 


Q: Do I need to use my own water when I rent a waterslide?


A:  Yes…..you will have to provide your own water source as well as a hose to reach the unit. It is used to fill the pool and connect to the misting systems on the slides. Once the pool is filled up, you simply connect the hose to the misting system located on the side of the slide. Once the pool is filled it requires very little water to stay operating. Always remember to shut off the water when you are done using the slide. 


Q:  Do I have to use my own electricity to power up the rentals?


A:  Yes you will have to use your own source of electricity. All inflatables and rental equipment must be set-up within 50 feet of an electrical outlet.


Q:  If I do not have access to electric do you offer generators?


A:  Yes we can supply you with a generator for an additional cost.


Q:  Do you offer any discounts for multiple items?


A:  Yes we offer discounts for multiple rentals and larger events. The more items you book, the better the deal.


Q:  Do you clean your units?


A:  Yes we clean our units after every rental. Feel free to visit our Facebook Page to see our Staff cleaning inflatables every week.


Q:  Do you provide attendants to watch over the units?


A:  If it is a private backyard party the customer has the option to hire our staff to help out with the units, provided they are available.

If its a Corporate, Camp, School, Church, block party or in a park, we will provide attendants for all bouncers, obstacle courses and slides.


Q:  What do I do if the inflatable starts to deflate?


A:  First (after making sure there are no guests inside the unit), make sure the vent tube in the back of the unit is still connected to the blower. Second, make sure the extension cord hasn’t come unplugged. Next thing to check would be the circuit breaker inside, as it may have tripped. If you check all of these things and still can’t fix the problem, call our office immediately (631) 778 – 6861


Q:  How many kids can fit inside a bouncer, slide, or combo?


A:  It all depends on the size of inflatable and age of kids attending. Generally, bounce houses and combo units can hold anywhere between 6 – 8 children depending on age. Inflatable slides are either 1 or 2 at a time. The number of riders/players varies with each inflatable.


Q:  Is it easy to make cotton candy or popcorn?


A:  Yes it is. It’s as simple as putting in the supplies and turning on the machine. Our STAFF will give you basic instructions on how to use the machines at the time of delivery. The best advice is to watch a video on Youtube or simply call our office and we can walk you through the process. We’re here to help.


Q:  What kind of ice do I need to buy for a snow cone machine?


A:  You can buy any bag of cubed ice. It must be cubed not crushed. The best bags to buy are the 5lb bags from 7-11 or your local grocery store.