We are proud to now offer the best mobile shooting game out there GELLY BALL. Ever been to a laser tag, paintball, or even nerf party…?  You know kids love to run around and shoot, but laser tag equipment is so expensive to rent, paintballs are messy, and Nerf is so boring – they can do it at home. If you’re looking something fun and different, then Gelly Ball is for you! Gelly Ball is a safe, fun game that can be played by almost anyone ages 8 and up. Best of all NO MESS…! Our Staff will come to your house and set-up a playfield almost anywhere on your property with cones and barriers. Once the field is set-up, we split your guests up into teams of 6 and play a variety of fun shooting games such as Elimination, Back to Base, Knock Out, Target Terror and more. We provide all of the Guns, Ammo, Face Masks, and safety equipment need for all of your guests at every party. Great for Birthday Parties, College Events, and Corporate Event alike. Call today for More Info…….!


Games can be played with groups up to 12 players at a time. 

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