Mini Golf Pool Table

Check out our Mini Golf Pool Table….! We’ve combined everyone’s favorite two games into one. This Mini Golf Pool Table is a great add-on to one of our mini golf course rentals, or any type of golf themed event. This unique game gives players something different to do while waiting to play around of golf. It can be used as a stand alone conversation piece, or as a fun add-on to an event. This fun and unique party rental is available in Long Island, NYC, NJ, CT, and all surrounding areas. In addition, we can also fully customize this game to suit your Brand or Theme. Our customization ranges from vinyl wrapping each hole, wrapping custom clubs and obstacles, and even creating branded signage and golf balls to suit your needs. This is a fun and unique way to let your brand stand out at your next event…!


The Mini Golf Pool Table is 4ft Wide x 8ft Long, and can be set-up on any flat surface.