SIMPSONS 2 Player Multicade

Check out our BRAND NEW full size SIMPSONS 2 Player SLIM arcade machine. One of the newest full size multicade machines out there today! This 2 Player SIMPSONS multicade machine is able to play over 6,000 different games from systems like Atari, Coleco, Nintendo, Sega, Williams, Data East, Playstation and more! The slim design of this game allows it to be set-up in tight spaces or up against a wall where space is limited. It features a 32inch LCD monitor, three speaker digital sound system with subwoofer, LED Track Ball for bowling & golf games, and is backlit with multicolor LEDs for a cool glowing look perfect for any event. It has solid rubber wheels and fold out handles on the back for easy movement around your event space. Call today for more info…..!


This Game is ( 72” tall, 30” wide, 21” deep )

Requires a 3ft x 2ft space for set-up.


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