ZOLTAR Fortune Teller

Rent one of the most famous Arcade Machines found in almost every arcade and amusement park made famous by the 1988 Movie “BIG” starring Tom Hanks. The Zoltar Fortune Teller machine is now available at your next event! ZOLTAR tells you your fortune when you drop in a coin or push a “free play” button. During play, Zoltar moves his arms, eyes, and head, while his hand moves side to side predicting your fortune. Once the fortune is told, a printed card comes out the front for your guests to take. There is a total of 10 different verbal fortunes and several different printed cards. The player receives one random fortune ticket every time a turn is played. One of the most unique and nostalgic games out there.

Want to CUSTOMIZE Zoltar for your next event?  Zoltar’s speech can be programmed with custom messages, company names, and other unique audio messages. He can also be dressed up into any costume to match the event’s theme. The machine can be further customized with custom-printed fortuneteller cards with the company logo, slogan, and custom text. The fortuneteller cards get dispensed by the device and can be used to market the company message at a trade show or convention event. One of the most unique and nostalgic games out there.


Dimensions:  L 29″ Inches x W 36″ Inches x H 78″ Inches



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